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Recent Phishing Emails

Posted on by beltzer

USC account holders should be on the watch for phish, or fraudulent email messages designed to steal personal information.  Phishing schemes may target your USC computing account, your banking accounts, and other online accounts. These messages look legitimate and urge users to reply by email with account passwords and other information.

Neither USC nor ITS will ever request that you submit personal information, including any passwords, over email.

When you receive questionable email, be sure to examine the email header and the Reply-to address. Most of the phishing email that USC account holders receive is sent from non-USC email addresses and contain links to non-USC websites. ITS will never send you email from a non-USC email address.

The list below contains message headers from some recent phishing attempts.

From: University of Southern California <>

Date: January 18, 2012 1:23:16 AM HST

Subject: Upgrade To Secure Your Email Account


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