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What’s New in Security for Mac OS X Mountain Lion?

Posted on by beltzer

Apple released Mountain Lion, the newest version of their OS X operating system, today. This new operating system comes with several new security features to keep your computer safe. Here’s what three of these new features will do to keep your Mac safe.

Gatekeeper: This feature is designed to protect your Mac from malware masquerading as legitimate apps. Gatekeeper scrutinizes all the apps you download, whether from the Mac App Store or other places on the Internet, to determine whether they are safe to download.

The App Sandbox: This feature keeps all of your apps separate from critical system components, making it easier to remove one of these apps if they are compromised by a malicious program.

Improved Software Updates: The Software Update feature in Mountain Lion now checks for updates daily and automatically sends you notifications when an update is available.

For more information on these features plus all of the other security features in Mac OS X Mountain Lion, see the following webpages:

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