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Skype Users Receive One-Two Punch of Security Threats

Posted on by beltzer

If you use the popular video chat program Skype, you need to be aware of two recent security issues that could affect your account.

The first threat is a worm that is being spread by a series of instant messages (IM) that is designed to infect computers running Windows operating systems. The malicious IMs contain suspicious links, clicking these links will cause a ZIP file with the worm embedded in it to be downloaded to your computer.

This malware allows hackers remote access to your computer and once hackers have access to your computer they could steal your passwords and potential use your computer to spread more viruses.

The second threat is a fraudulent email, claiming to be from Skype, which says you have changed your password for the system. While this email links to a legitimate Skype website, it is not from Skype and the file attached to the message contains another ZIP file with another piece of malware that could give hackers remote access to your computer.

To keep your computer and your personal information safe, you should always be suspicious of unsolicited emails, especially ones containing attachments. You should also never open an attachment from an unknown sender.

For more information on these Skype security concerns, see the Skype security blog.

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