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Adobe Systems Security Breach

Posted on by mbordas

On October 3, Adobe announced a security breach in their network that resulted in the illegal access of customer information and software source code. For more information about the breach, see Adobe’s Customer security alert and the Important Customer Security Announcement posted by Adobe’s chief security officer.

ITS recommends that any users with Adobe online accounts reset their Adobe passwords at Additionally, ITS recommends that you change the password of any other online account that used the same login credentials. It is a good security practice to use a different password for each of your online accounts.

Note that phishers often take advantage of major security incidents such as this to send out false “account security” and “password reset” emails. If you receive any email purportedly from Adobe, do not reply to or follow any links in the email. Rather, visit the Adobe website by typing into a new web browser window and access your account there.

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