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Safer Web Browsing

Posted on by mbordas

When browsing the Internet, it’s not always possible to tell where a link will take you before you click it. You may land on a page with the latest current events or a site filled with ads for questionable products and services – or, worse yet, malware. Safe web browsing add-ons can help give you an idea of what to expect when you follow a link. These add-ons collect information about thousands of websites and rank their “trustworthiness,” allowing you to make better-informed decisions about whether to visit them.

For example, the Web Of Trust (WOT) add-on rates sites from green (excellent) to red (very poor) based on crowd-sourced information from users and information taken from databases maintained by well-known, trusted sources. These sources collect lists of websites that are known for adult content, malware, fraudulent pharmaceutical sales, phishing, and spam, among other categories. WOT is available for Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera browsers on the Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. For more information, visit

Other safe-web-browsing add-ons you may want to consider include:

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