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For Your Reference: Phishing Scams Targeting University Employees

Posted on by mbordas

The online news outlet Inside Higher Ed recently posted an article about new phishing scams targeting university employees. The article highlights recent phish emails promising salary raise information and requesting help with processing wire transfers. The article is available at … Continue reading

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“ITS Administrative Support” phish

Posted on by Robert

Many people received the following phish. Signs that this is not a legitimate email: It was sent from a non-USC address: It is not our standard password expiration warning. The target link is not a USC site: hxxp:// We … Continue reading

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Malware spam with subject “Invoice”

Posted on by Robert

Many people received the following email. The original malicious payload was replaced with the file “Replacement.txt” but the message was still delivered instead of quarantined. We are working with the department that runs the originating email server to resolve this … Continue reading

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