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Microsoft to End Support for SHA-1 Certificates This Summer

Posted on by mechling

In summer 2016, Microsoft will stop browser support for sites secured by SHA-1 certificates, which have been classified as unsafe. This means that some websites will no longer be considered secure.

When Microsoft releases the Windows 10 Anniversary Update this summer, both Internet Explorer (IE) and Microsoft Edge will stop displaying the lock icon for sites with SHA-1-signed certificates. When the lock icon is not present, the information shared on a website is not secure.

Until Microsoft blocks sites signed with SHA-1 certificates in February 2017, users will still be able to visit these unsecured websites. To be sure that the website you are on is secure, look for the closed lock icon in your browser’s address bar. You should never enter personal information, including passwords, on a site that is not secured.

For additional information, see this update from the Microsoft Edge Dev Blog.

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