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Security Recommendation: Lock Your Computer Screen

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Installing antivirus software and creating strong passwords are vital practices that will help keep your information secure. But even if you take these steps, you may be putting your information at risk without even realizing it. The easiest way to access … Continue reading

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Wireless Keyboards Vulnerable to KeySniffer Security Attacks

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The Bastille Research Team has identified a new type of wireless keyboard attack called KeySniffer, in which hackers can use cheap radio devices to access unsuspecting users’ keyboards from up to several hundred feet away. Because the vulnerable keyboards do not use any form of … Continue reading

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Security Recommendation: Cover Your Webcam

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There’s a reason why Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg and FBI Director James Comey cover up their webcams with tape: webcams are a potential security risk. A hacker can take over your computer’s camera remotely and use it to record your movements … Continue reading

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What Is Malware?

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What is malware? Malware – a contraction of “malicious software” – is just that: hostile software designed to infiltrate a device without the owner’s knowledge, often with damaging effects. Malware can take many forms, including spyware, which monitors your system and steals sensitive … Continue reading

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Recent Security Updates

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Microsoft Microsoft released six critical updates for Windows, Office, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Adobe Flash Player. These updates address vulnerabilities that could lead to remote code execution. Microsoft released five additional updates, which it classified as important, for Windows and Microsoft .NET Framework. For … Continue reading

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Google Patches Severe Security Vulnerabilities for Android

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In the July 2016 security bulletin, Google has released patches for Android to protect users against numerous security vulnerabilities. The most severe security weakness is a critical flaw in Mediaserver, which could enable hackers to access an Android device through … Continue reading

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Critical Vulnerabilities in Symantec and Norton Security Products

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The Google security analyst team Project Zero recently uncovered critical security vulnerabilities in Symantec and Norton antivirus software. The Project Zero team called these vulnerabilities “as bad as it gets,” explaining that the flaws can corrupt computers without any action on the user’s part. … Continue reading

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