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March Security Updates

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Microsoft recently released nine critical updates for Windows, Office, Internet Explorer, Edge, and more. These updates correct vulnerabilities that could lead to remote code execution and allow malicious users to bypass Windows security features.

Microsoft also released nine additional updates, which it classified as important, for Windows, Office, Microsoft Exchange, and other software.

For more information about these updates, see the Microsoft Security Bulletin site at


Apple released updates for iTunes 12.6 for both Windows and OS X. For more information, see


Adobe also released updates for Flash Player and Shockwave Player to address vulnerabilities that could allow a malicious user to access your system. For more information, see the Adobe Security Bulletin site at

ITS recommends that you keep your computers and other devices up to date with the latest security fixes in order to protect your devices and your data from malicious code and unauthorized access. For instructions on setting your computer to automatically check for updates, visit the ITS Information Security Tips page.

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