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Phishing Warning #2 (April 20)

Posted on by beltzer

Many users have reported receiving the following phish. If you have received the phish, do not reply or follow the link. If you have responded or clicked the link, change your USC NetID password immediately by going to the Popular Topics menu bar on the ITS website and clicking the link labeled change your password.

Sent: Thursday, April 20, 2017 4:26 PM
We will be shutting down your account due to several negligence of warning emails previously sent regarding account upgrade. To avoid this CLICK THIS LINK and submit details.
Warm Regards,
USC Help-Desk Administrator. 

Note several features that indicate this is a phish:

  1. The Subject: line is blank.
  2. The URL in the link leads to a non-USC domain (
  3. The email contains grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes.
  4. The message lacks any personalization or information about the alleged account upgrade.

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