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Protecting Your Location Information in Facebook

Posted on by mbordas

Every time you use Facebook to check in at a restaurant or post a selfie at a popular landmark, you are sharing information about your current location with other Facebook users. While posting about your current status may help you connect with your friends and remember your experiences later, your posts may be seen by other users who might want to take advantage of knowing your whereabouts. For example, if you were to post a photo while visiting a foreign country, anyone monitoring your account would realize that your home was likely to be currently unoccupied.

Here are some tips to avoid revealing your current location information:

  • Do not discuss your travel plans or current whereabouts in your posts – wait until you return home to post your travel photos.
  • Avoid “geotagging” your posts. That is, do not include your current location information on your posts or photos.
  • Turn off location services (iOS) or location mode (Android) for Facebook. For information about how to turn off these services in your devices, see

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