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Using Social Media Safely: Geotagging

Posted on by mbordas

When many digital cameras and smartphones snap a photo or record video, they append information about that photo or video to the digital file. This information, called exchangeable image file format (Exif) data, can include technical details about the camera … Continue reading

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Using Social Media Safely: Previewing Shortened URLs

Posted on by mbordas

Users of social networking sites and apps often take advantage of URL shortening services, such as tinyURL, Bitly, or, to make long, unwieldy website addresses more manageable. While these services can be convenient, they can present a security risk … Continue reading

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Browser Security: Which New Browser is Best?

Posted on by beltzer

What browser are you reading this article on? Internet Explorer? Firefox? Chrome? Have you thought about how secure your browser of choice is? A recent article from Sophos Naked Security outlines the beefed-up security features of the next generation of … Continue reading

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Summer Cyber Security Reading

Posted on by beltzer

Are you looking to read more on how to keep your computer and all of your personal information secure? Here’s a list of some of our favorite sites that cover cybersecurity topics, from a listing of the latest malware threats … Continue reading

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Office of Compliance Introduces Information Security Education Program

Posted on by beltzer

The USC Office of Compliance has launched a website that offers online education on information security issues. This PDF-based course covers topics such as what information security is, how you can better protect and secure USC information, and what to … Continue reading

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