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Resources for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Posted on by mbordas

There are many ways you can protect yourself online, and October—National Cybersecurity Awareness Month—is the perfect time to learn about them. Continue reading

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Choosing Secure Passwords through Poetry

Posted on by mbordas

Users and security researchers have long struggled with the problem of coming up with passwords that are both easy to remember and difficult to crack. Two computational linguists from the USC Viterbi School of Engineering have come up with a unique … Continue reading

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For Your Reference: Phishing Scams Targeting University Employees

Posted on by mbordas

The online news outlet Inside Higher Ed recently posted an article about new phishing scams targeting university employees. The article highlights recent phish emails promising salary raise information and requesting help with processing wire transfers. The article is available at … Continue reading

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Server certificates and Heartbleed

Posted on by Robert

Cloudflare, a large web-hosting company, has a very detailed article on how server certificates are not (in the real world) extractable using the Heartbleed bug: They set up a test server and challenged anybody to obtain the private key. … Continue reading

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Password Management Tools

Posted on by mbordas

Using a single password for multiple sites may be a convenient practice, but it is not a safe one. Most IT security experts recommend using a different password for each online account to prevent hackers from gaining access to all … Continue reading

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The Java Issue in Plain English

Posted on by mbordas

After a string of exploited vulnerabilities in the Java browser plug-in, the Department of Homeland Security, along with a number of online security experts, have recommended that users disable or restrict access to Java in their web browsers whenever possible. … Continue reading

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Browser Security: Which New Browser is Best?

Posted on by beltzer

What browser are you reading this article on? Internet Explorer? Firefox? Chrome? Have you thought about how secure your browser of choice is? A recent article from Sophos Naked Security outlines the beefed-up security features of the next generation of … Continue reading

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Summer Cyber Security Reading

Posted on by beltzer

Are you looking to read more on how to keep your computer and all of your personal information secure? Here’s a list of some of our favorite sites that cover cybersecurity topics, from a listing of the latest malware threats … Continue reading

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January SANS OUCH! Newsletter: Securing Your Home Wifi Network

Posted on by beltzer

The SANS (Sysadmin, Audit, Network, Security) Institute publishes a monthly newsletter called OUCH! that address current security awareness issues. This month’s newsletter covers the importance of securing your home wifi network and the steps you should take to secure your … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Technology and Security: What You Need to Know

Posted on by beltzer

Many of today’s smart phones, personal computers, and tablets use Bluetooth technology to wireless communicate with peripherals such as headsets, mice, and keyboards. While this technology is space-saving and convenient, it also has some potential security risks associated with it. … Continue reading

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