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Stolen LinkedIn Passwords Posted Online

Posted on by mechling

In yet another example of why regularly changing your passwords is a good security practice, hackers have recently begun to sell nearly 120 million passwords allegedly stolen from LinkedIn during a 2012 attack. If you have not changed your LinkedIn … Continue reading

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Dropbox Hack

Posted on by mbordas

Actions: Do not reuse passwords across different sites and services; if you do, change them to passwords unique to each site and service. What happened? A hacker posted a plain-text file to Pastebin with a provocative headline claiming that Dropbox … Continue reading

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Bash Vulnerability Update

Posted on by mbordas

Please note the following updates to the September 25 post regarding the Bash / Shellshock vulnerability.

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Bash Vulnerability

Posted on by Robert

A new vulnerability has been announced that may allow an attacker to run arbitrary commands on your server. This may result in loss of protected or sensitive data and/or service disruption. The easiest targets for a remote attacker are web … Continue reading

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eBay hacked

Posted on by Robert

eBay announced today that their internal and customer databases were compromised about two months ago. Names, addresses, birth dates and encrypted passwords were stolen. They will start prompting all of their users to change their passwords. See links for lifehacker, … Continue reading

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OpenSSL Vulnerability (Heartbleed Bug)

Posted on by mbordas

Security researchers have discovered a vulnerability, named the Heartbleed bug, in the OpenSSL encryption library that could allow attackers to access secure information stored in a server’s system memory, including usernames, passwords, and private encryption keys. OpenSSL is used by … Continue reading

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Adobe Systems Security Breach

Posted on by mbordas

On October 3, Adobe announced a security breach in their network that resulted in the illegal access of customer information and software source code. For more information about the breach, see Adobe’s Customer security alert and the Important Customer Security Announcement posted by Adobe’s chief security … Continue reading

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Phish 2013-05-08 #3

Posted on by Robert

Phishers used a compromised faculty account to send Phish 2013-05-08 #1 to other USC addresses.  They managed to send about 100 before we detected and blocked it. Phishers often use this technique because it bypasses blocks of external sites and … Continue reading

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Credit Card Security Breach at USC Food Outlets: What You Should Know

Posted on by beltzer

On June 28, 2012, USC Auxiliary Services announced that a security breach had been found in the third-party software system used to process credit card transactions in some campus locations, such as the USC dining halls and the Ronald Tutor … Continue reading

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Summer Cyber Security Reading

Posted on by beltzer

Are you looking to read more on how to keep your computer and all of your personal information secure? Here’s a list of some of our favorite sites that cover cybersecurity topics, from a listing of the latest malware threats … Continue reading

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