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Recognizing Malicious Pop-Up Windows

Posted on by mbordas

Some users have reported encountering pop-up windows similar to those below while online. Note that this is not limited to browsing while on the USC networks. This may occur through any connection to the Internet, including home and public wireless … Continue reading

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Staying Safe Online for Consumers

Posted on by beltzer

The booklet below, ​prepared by the ITS Information Security Office, contains important safety tips for browsing and shopping online. Staying Safe Online For Consumers [PDF]

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Sandworm Vulnerability Requires Another Fix from Microsoft

Posted on by mbordas

BACKGROUND Hackers have bypassed Microsoft’s security patch to address the Sandworm vulnerability in Windows resulting in the company issuing another advisory and warning users of the new threat. IMPACT The vulnerability could allow remote code execution if a user opens … Continue reading

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Adobe Flash Vulnerability Currently Being Exploited

Posted on by mbordas

BACKGROUND There is a vulnerability in Adobe Flash that is being exploited in large scale attacks. The vulnerability is being tracked as CVE-2014-0569 ( on the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) database. The exploit includes memory corruption vulnerabilities and an integer overflow vulnerability that … Continue reading

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Dropbox Hack

Posted on by mbordas

Actions: Do not reuse passwords across different sites and services; if you do, change them to passwords unique to each site and service. What happened? A hacker posted a plain-text file to Pastebin with a provocative headline claiming that Dropbox … Continue reading

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Safer Web Browsing

Posted on by mbordas

When browsing the Internet, it’s not always possible to tell where a link will take you before you click it. You may land on a page with the latest current events or a site filled with ads for questionable products … Continue reading

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Know Who Is Tracking You as You Browse the Web

Posted on by mbordas

Many of today’s websites include mechanisms that monitor your online activities. These can include anything from cookies that maintain your site preferences to embedded tracking programs that send your browsing information to online marketing companies. However, it is possible to … Continue reading

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ITS Observes National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Posted on by mbordas

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Throughout the month, ITS will publish a series of security tips, best practices, and other educational materials designed to help you be more secure online both at USC and in other areas of … Continue reading

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Bash Vulnerability Update

Posted on by mbordas

Please note the following updates to the September 25 post regarding the Bash / Shellshock vulnerability.

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Bash Vulnerability

Posted on by Robert

A new vulnerability has been announced that may allow an attacker to run arbitrary commands on your server. This may result in loss of protected or sensitive data and/or service disruption. The easiest targets for a remote attacker are web … Continue reading

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