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Employment Scam Targeting College Students

Posted on by mechling

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has released an alert about ongoing employment scams targeting college students. The scam works by advertising fake job opportunities on college employment websites or by sending fake job announcements to students via their school email … Continue reading

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What Are the Risks of Public Wifi?

Posted on by mechling

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to raise awareness about cybersecurity issues. Take some time this month to brush up on your cybersecurity knowledge and protect your digital information. It is common practice to … Continue reading

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Wireless Keyboards Vulnerable to KeySniffer Security Attacks

Posted on by mechling

The Bastille Research Team has identified a new type of wireless keyboard attack called KeySniffer, in which hackers can use cheap radio devices to access unsuspecting users’ keyboards from up to several hundred feet away. Because the vulnerable keyboards do not use any form of … Continue reading

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Google Prompt: Simple Two-Factor Authentication for Google Apps

Posted on by mechling

With the release of prompt, Google has streamlined two-factor authentication for Google accounts. Two-factor authentication strengthens the security of your account by asking you to confirm your identity using your mobile phone when you log in. This extra layer of security makes it … Continue reading

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Know Who Is Tracking You as You Browse the Web

Posted on by mbordas

Many of today’s websites include mechanisms that monitor your online activities. These can include anything from cookies that maintain your site preferences to embedded tracking programs that send your browsing information to online marketing companies. However, it is possible to … Continue reading

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ITS Observes National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Posted on by mbordas

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Throughout the month, ITS will publish a series of security tips, best practices, and other educational materials designed to help you be more secure online both at USC and in other areas of … Continue reading

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Bash Vulnerability Update

Posted on by mbordas

Please note the following updates to the September 25 post regarding the Bash / Shellshock vulnerability.

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Tips for Shopping Safely Online

Posted on by mbordas

Online shopping is quick and convenient, but could compromise your financial or personal information if you fail to take a few precautions.  Here are some timely tips for shopping safely online. When heading to the online marketplace, only shop at … Continue reading

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Over-The-Phone Password Change Allows Hackers To Destroy Reporter’s Digital World

Posted on by beltzer

The hacking of the Amazon account of a Wired reporter exposed a security flaw with the way Apple allows users to reset their AppleID passwords. By obtaining the last four digits of the reporter’s credit card, the hackers were able … Continue reading

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Credit Card Security Breach at USC Food Outlets: What You Should Know

Posted on by beltzer

On June 28, 2012, USC Auxiliary Services announced that a security breach had been found in the third-party software system used to process credit card transactions in some campus locations, such as the USC dining halls and the Ronald Tutor … Continue reading

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