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Microsoft to End Support for SHA-1 Certificates This Summer

Posted on by mechling

In summer 2016, Microsoft will stop browser support for sites secured by SHA-1 certificates, which have been classified as unsafe. This means that some websites will no longer be considered secure. When Microsoft releases the Windows 10 Anniversary Update this … Continue reading

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Know Who Is Tracking You as You Browse the Web

Posted on by mbordas

Many of today’s websites include mechanisms that monitor your online activities. These can include anything from cookies that maintain your site preferences to embedded tracking programs that send your browsing information to online marketing companies. However, it is possible to … Continue reading

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Patch Tuesday Roundup for August 2013

Posted on by mbordas

On Patch Tuesday for August 2013, Microsoft released eight security bulletins, three of which are considered critical. The critical bulletins include a cumulative security update for all supported versions of Internet Explorer and fixes for vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server … Continue reading

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Reporting Forged and Malicious Sites

Posted on by mbordas

Current and patched versions of the major web browsers often include security features that warn you if you attempt to navigate to websites with known or suspected security risks, such as spoofed sites or sites hosting malware.  However, if your … Continue reading

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Adobe Updates Released

Posted on by mbordas

Adobe yesterday released security updates for Flash Player, Shockwave Player, and Coldfusion.  Users of the Flash and Shockwave Players can download the latest versions at the Adobe download page.  For more information about the Coldfusion update, see Adobe’s ColdFusion hotfix … Continue reading

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This Week in Security

Posted on by mbordas

The past week saw a number of  patches, updates, and alerts. Microsoft released a number of security bulletins on Patch Tuesday.   In conjunction, Adobe released updates for Reader, Acrobat, and Flash Player, and issued an advisory about unpatched vulnerabilities in Coldfusion. … Continue reading

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Browser Security: Which New Browser is Best?

Posted on by beltzer

What browser are you reading this article on? Internet Explorer? Firefox? Chrome? Have you thought about how secure your browser of choice is? A recent article from Sophos Naked Security outlines the beefed-up security features of the next generation of … Continue reading

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DNSChanger: Will You Still Be Able To Connect to the Net on Monday?

Posted on by beltzer

In February, we posted an entry on malware known as DNSChanger. This virus connected users’ computers to the the Internet through rogue DNS servers. Those rogue DNS servers were taken down by the FBI as a result of its investigation … Continue reading

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Microsoft Releases Patch Tuesday Bulletin for April 2012

Posted on by beltzer

Microsoft has released 6 security patches for its monthly Patch Tuesday update, including four updates labeled critical. These critical patches address vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer and flaws in Microsoft Windows that could allow a remote user to take control of … Continue reading

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Google Releases Chrome 18

Posted on by beltzer

Google has released Chrome 18, the newest version of its Chrome web browser. This version applies several security fixes and includes the latest version of Adobe Flash. For more information on this latest release of Chrome,  see To download … Continue reading

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