DNSChanger: Is Your Machine Infected?

A particularly nasty virus, named DNSChanger, has infected millions of computers around the world in recent months. This virus prevents machines from navigating the Internet properly and, in some cases, also prevents antivirus software and operating systems from updating, leaving machines open to additional malware attacks.

In November 2011, the hackers that created DNSChanger were arrested in Estonia.  The FBI replaced the hackers’ DNS servers with, temporary, legitimate ones so infected machines could continue to operate.  However, the FBI will turn off their replacement DNS servers on March 8, 2012 and any computer still infected with DNSChanger will be unable to access the Internet.

ITS recommends you go to www.dns-ok.us to check your computer for infection. If your computer is infected, you may need to reinstall your operating system.

For additional information on DNSChanger and the steps the FBI has taken to dismantle the hacker ring that created it, go to the FBI news story on Operation Ghost Click.