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Credit Card Security Breach at USC Food Outlets: What You Should Know

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On June 28, 2012, USC Auxiliary Services announced that a security breach had been found in the third-party software system used to process credit card transactions in some campus locations, such as the USC dining halls and the Ronald Tutor … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Email Switcheroo

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Have you checked the email address listed on your Facebook profile page lately? Chances are, instead of the email address you set on your profile, your email is now listed as ‘randomnumber’ In April, Facebook announced they would be providing … Continue reading

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Securing Your Mobile Device

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With the number of tablets and smartphones in the world on the rise, they are becoming the target of an increasing number of security threats. Below are some links that describe the most common security concerns for mobile devices and … Continue reading

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Summer Cyber Security Reading

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Are you looking to read more on how to keep your computer and all of your personal information secure? Here’s a list of some of our favorite sites that cover cybersecurity topics, from a listing of the latest malware threats … Continue reading

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Diagnosing Your PC: How To Tell If Your Computer Is Infected

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Most of us have experienced a computer that just doesn’t “work right.” Random restarts, screens that lock up at the most inconvenient of times, odd error messages, and a computer that runs as slow as molasses may all be symptoms … Continue reading

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LinkedIn Warns Users of Stolen Passwords

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LinkedIn is investigating a claim that a hacker downloaded more than 6 million user passwords from the business-oriented social networking site. Anyone with a LinkedIn account is advised to change their account password as a precautionary measure. For more information … Continue reading

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Flame Malware: What Is It And What Should You Know About It?

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A new malware named Flame has been a hot topic in the media in recent days. This worm has, so far, only targeted in the Middle East and no one is quite certain yet what its effects will be when … Continue reading

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