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What’s New in Security for Mac OS X Mountain Lion?

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Apple released Mountain Lion, the newest version of their OS X operating system, today. This new operating system comes with several new security features to keep your computer safe. Here’s what three of these new features will do to keep … Continue reading

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Browser Security: Which New Browser is Best?

Posted on by beltzer

What browser are you reading this article on? Internet Explorer? Firefox? Chrome? Have you thought about how secure your browser of choice is? A recent article from Sophos Naked Security outlines the beefed-up security features of the next generation of … Continue reading

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Windows Vista and 7 Users Advised to Disable Sidebars and Gadgets

Posted on by beltzer

Microsoft has released a security advisory that urges users with computers running the Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems to turn off their Windows Sidebar and Gadgets due to a serious security risk that exploits these functions. The Windows … Continue reading

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DNSChanger: Will You Still Be Able To Connect to the Net on Monday?

Posted on by beltzer

In February, we posted an entry on malware known as DNSChanger. This virus connected users’ computers to the the Internet through rogue DNS servers. Those rogue DNS servers were taken down by the FBI as a result of its investigation … Continue reading

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