DNSChanger: Will You Still Be Able To Connect to the Net on Monday?

In February, we posted an entry on malware known as DNSChanger. This virus connected users’ computers to the the Internet through rogue DNS servers. Those rogue DNS servers were taken down by the FBI as a result of its investigation into the hacker group behind DNSChanger and temporary servers were set up so that infected machines were still able to connect to the Internet.

The FBI will be turning off these temporary servers as of 12:01 a.m. EDT Monday, July 9. Any machines that are still infected with DNSChanger will be unable to connect to the Internet after that time.

To check to see if your machine is infected, go to the DNSChanger Working Group’s (DCWG) Detect page. For information on what to do if your machine is infected with DNSChanger, see the DCWG’s Fix page.

For more information on DNSChanger and Monday’s deadline, see the following links: