Reporting Forged and Malicious Sites

Current and patched versions of the major web browsers often include security features that warn you if you attempt to navigate to websites with known or suspected security risks, such as spoofed sites or sites hosting malware.  However, if your browser fails to warn you about a site that you suspect is fraudulent, you may want to report it.

Firefox and Internet Explorer both offer in-browser reporting features.  In Firefox, click Report Web Forgery in the Help menu.  In IE 10, open the Tools menu, select SmartScreen Filter, then click on Report unsafe website.

You can also report possible forged and malicious sites to various anti-phishing organizations, which will investigate the site and, if necessary, add it to their databases of infected sites. A sampling of these sites include:

Users of Safari and Chrome, which do not currently include an in-browser reporting feature, may wish to bookmark these sites for easy reference.