Facebook Launches Security Checkup Tool

Facebook announced the release of a new tool called Security Checkup, which guides users through three steps to help strengthen the security of their accounts.

The first step presents you with a list of browsers or applications that are currently logged into your Facebook account but which you have not recently used. You can review the list and log out of unnecessary connections. It is a good security practice to always log out of and close any application you are not currently using.

The second step enables optional login alerts. If you decide to activate the login alert feature, Facebook will send you a notification if your account is accessed from a computer or device it does not recognize. This feature will give you warning that someone might be trying to break into your account.

The third step offers a list of basic password security tips, such as not reusing your Facebook password on any other account, not sharing your password with anyone else, and avoiding common words or names when creating your password. For more detailed tips about password security, see itservices.usc.edu/security/passwordtips.

More information about the Security Checkup tool is available on the Facebook newsroom site at newsroom.fb.com/news/2015/07/enhancing-security-with-a-quick-checkup. To access Security Checkup directly, visit www.facebook.com/help/securitycheckup.