Wireless Keyboards Vulnerable to KeySniffer Security Attacks

The Bastille Research Team has identified a new type of wireless keyboard attack called KeySniffer, in which hackers can use cheap radio devices to access unsuspecting users’ keyboards from up to several hundred feet away. Because the vulnerable keyboards do not use any form of encryption, it is possible for hackers to both read keystrokes and insert their own keystrokes onto others’ machines.

Devices affected by KeySniffer include wireless keyboards from the following companies: Anker, EagleTec, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Insignia, Kensington, Radio Shack, and Toshiba. You can find the full list here. Bluetooth keyboards are not at risk from this vulnerability.

If you own an affected device, the Bastille Research Team suggests you consider replacing your keyboard with either a bluetooth keyboard or an encrypted wireless keyboard.

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