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Is Your Facebook Account Protected by Two-Factor Authentication?

Posted on by mechling

If you’re not using two-factor authentication on your Facebook account, you should be. Continue reading

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The Latest in the Debate over Social Media Privacy

Posted on by beltzer

Curious about where the personal information you post on Facebook is going? Check out this Sophos blog post for a quick take on continuing challenges to user privacy at Facebook. Continue reading

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Millions of Twitter Accounts Locked Following Data Breach

Posted on by mechling

A hacker with ties to the recent LinkedIn, MySpace, and Tumblr data breaches now claims to have gained access to Twitter’s account database. The hacker has allegedly posted the account information of 32 million Twitter users for sale online. According to Twitter, the data breach … Continue reading

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Stolen Tumblr, MySpace, and Fling Passwords Posted Online

Posted on by mechling

The same hacker who posted 120 million LinkedIn passwords online last week is now allegedly selling user records for millions of Tumblr, MySpace, and Fling accounts: Social networking site MySpace was hacked in 2013; 360 million passwords have been compromised. Social networking site Tumblr was hacked … Continue reading

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Stolen LinkedIn Passwords Posted Online

Posted on by mechling

In yet another example of why regularly changing your passwords is a good security practice, hackers have recently begun to sell nearly 120 million passwords allegedly stolen from LinkedIn during a 2012 attack. If you have not changed your LinkedIn … Continue reading

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Facebook Launches Security Checkup Tool

Posted on by mbordas

Facebook announced the release of a new tool called Security Checkup, which guides users through three steps to help strengthen the security of their accounts. The first step presents you with a list of browsers or applications that are currently … Continue reading

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Phishing Attempts Targeting Direct Deposits

Posted on by mbordas

Various universities have reported an increase in the number of attempts to access employee account information by individuals masquerading, in an email or other communication, as representatives of the university’s human resources or employee benefits department. The attackers’ goal is … Continue reading

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Passwords You Need to Change due to the Heartbleed Bug

Posted on by mbordas

Many websites and online services, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Yahoo, were affected by the recently announced Heartbleed vulnerability. The site linked below has collected responses from social media, email, financial, and other companies regarding steps they have taken to … Continue reading

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Using Social Media Safely: Geotagging

Posted on by mbordas

When many digital cameras and smartphones snap a photo or record video, they append information about that photo or video to the digital file. This information, called exchangeable image file format (Exif) data, can include technical details about the camera … Continue reading

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Using Social Media Safely: Previewing Shortened URLs

Posted on by mbordas

Users of social networking sites and apps often take advantage of URL shortening services, such as tinyURL, Bitly, or, to make long, unwieldy website addresses more manageable. While these services can be convenient, they can present a security risk … Continue reading

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