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“Wanna Cry” Ransomware Warning

Posted on by mechling

A dangerous form of malware is circulating across the globe in the form of a PDF email attachment. Users who open the attachment are exposed to the “Wanna Cry” ransomware, which encrypts all the files on the target computer. Wanna … Continue reading

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What Is Spyware?

Posted on by mechling

What is spyware? Spyware is loosely defined as a type of malicious software, also known as malware, that runs in the background of a computer, collecting private information and transmitting it to a third party without the user’s knowledge. How does spyware … Continue reading

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What Is Malware?

Posted on by mechling

What is malware? Malware – a contraction of “malicious software” – is just that: hostile software designed to infiltrate a device without the owner’s knowledge, often with damaging effects. Malware can take many forms, including spyware, which monitors your system and steals sensitive … Continue reading

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Millions of Twitter Accounts Locked Following Data Breach

Posted on by mechling

A hacker with ties to the recent LinkedIn, MySpace, and Tumblr data breaches now claims to have gained access to Twitter’s account database. The hacker has allegedly posted the account information of 32 million Twitter users for sale online. According to Twitter, the data breach … Continue reading

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Bash Vulnerability Update

Posted on by mbordas

Please note the following updates to the September 25 post regarding the Bash / Shellshock vulnerability.

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Reporting Forged and Malicious Sites

Posted on by mbordas

Current and patched versions of the major web browsers often include security features that warn you if you attempt to navigate to websites with known or suspected security risks, such as spoofed sites or sites hosting malware.  However, if your … Continue reading

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This Week in Security

Posted on by mbordas

The past week saw a number of  patches, updates, and alerts. Microsoft released a number of security bulletins on Patch Tuesday.   In conjunction, Adobe released updates for Reader, Acrobat, and Flash Player, and issued an advisory about unpatched vulnerabilities in Coldfusion. … Continue reading

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Skype Users Receive One-Two Punch of Security Threats

Posted on by beltzer

If you use the popular video chat program Skype, you need to be aware of two recent security issues that could affect your account. The first threat is a worm that is being spread by a series of instant messages … Continue reading

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Windows Vista and 7 Users Advised to Disable Sidebars and Gadgets

Posted on by beltzer

Microsoft has released a security advisory that urges users with computers running the Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems to turn off their Windows Sidebar and Gadgets due to a serious security risk that exploits these functions. The Windows … Continue reading

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DNSChanger: Will You Still Be Able To Connect to the Net on Monday?

Posted on by beltzer

In February, we posted an entry on malware known as DNSChanger. This virus connected users’ computers to the the Internet through rogue DNS servers. Those rogue DNS servers were taken down by the FBI as a result of its investigation … Continue reading

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